Services We Provide

We can help piece your video footage together, restore or remaster an older project for TV, online and social media. Every format has unique requirements for distribution so that the content can be found and viewed at it's highest quality on any device.

  • Video & Sound Editing (Standard, High-Definition & 4K for online video advertising)
  • Publishing & Optimization (Preparing and publishing video for a variety of distribution sources, DVD, Blu-Ray, online, TV)
  • Color Correction, Basic Special Effects, Green Screen keying, subtitles & Titling
  • Video Remastering (Correcting old video files to fit modern formats, VHS to DVD, Blu-Ray transferring)

Videos We Edit

  • Trailers / Highlight Reels (Editing footage together for promotion of event, business or cause.)
  • Digital Video Remastering¬†for various projects
  • Video Rendering for effective search and high quality on multiple device screens.
  • General Editing for project overflow or B-Roll footage compilation.


Current pricing can be viewed here. For custom requests, please contact us directly and we'd be glad to assist you with your video editing needs.