Michigan Talent Harbor

Welcome to the MI Talent Harbor

IMPORTANT: We have officially opened the applications to creative talent and vendors here in Michigan. This is a beta test of our service at this time. Please email us with any questions, suggestions or technical issues you may experience.

Thank you for your support!

What to expect…

This is a FREE LISTING in four different areas, supporting creative productions here in Michigan. The four areas will be; Talent, Crew, Support and Vendors.

A great resource for fueling creative projects and film productions in Michigan.

Our goal is to support those dedicated in growing their professional creative careers and to support those in our local communities, such as local businesses, restaurants and caterers.

(Cancel at any time)


Actors (on-screen & voice), extras, models and stunt actors, sign up here.


Cinematographers, Boom Operators, Audio/Video Editors, Special FX Artists (Digital & Traditional), Lighting, Gaffers, drone operators, sign up here.


Local Businesses, Restaurants, Caterers, Specialty Shops, sign up here.


Accountants, Attorneys, Builders, Hair/Make-Up Artists, Haulers, Consultants, Coordinators, Producers, sign up here.