"There can be only ONE Champion Supreme!"

Our newest project in development as of early this year, 2018, is Champion Supreme. The motion picture is set to film in the mid-Michigan region. The screenplay writer is Diane Carey (New York Times Best-Selling Author of Star Trek, Aliens) Starring: Osric Chau (Supernatural - TV Series) For more information you can follow it on IMDB or stop back at this page and also visit www.championsupreme.com.

Our OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN ended on 12/3/2018.

2.26.19 UPDATE:

The team is currently meeting to discuss re-launch of this project in Spring 2019. For more updates, please visit our website and Facebook page for further details.


12.15.18 UPDATE:

On December 3rd, 2018, our official Champion Supreme the Movie Indiegogo campaign ended and unfortunately did not make it's goal. Those who have contributed, per Indiegogo rules, will have their money returned from Indiegogo directly.

Our team over the last year has been working very diligently by connecting with groups around the world via social media, email, phone and even snail mail. We've met a variety of amazing individuals at festivals and events as well. We continue to do so as we move forward with our film production endeavors.
This campaign was a first for this project in an attempt to keep it strictly independent. Moving forward, our goal is to seek other avenues and opportunities to properly fund this production in order to bring it to the bring screen in the year(s) to come.

We sincerely thank all of you for your time, kindness and support. The team will be taking a break for the holidays to be with our families and plans to regroup in the new year to begin this project anew. If you have any questions or contact us in regards to this project, please email us at:



Taylor A. Gradowski

"Award-Winning Western Film"

In September, we gathered local  talent in the Mid-Michigan area to put together a Western-style film for the first Hell's Half Mile Film Slam. This film titled "Draw!" won best original music composition. Click here to see the movie.

For this short film and more, check out our Youtube page at: www.youtube.com/goodharborblue 

"Award-Winning Family Film"

In July, we gathered as a team with a variety of other talent in the Mid-Michigan area to put together a family film for the Detroit 48 Hour Film Project. Our family film titled "Living the Dream" won best film in the genre. Click here to see the movie.

For this short film and more, check out our Youtube page at: www.youtube.com/goodharborblue

"Always a good time."

GENRE: Comedy Sitcom Web Series
STARRING: Daniel Waajid, Taylor A. Gradowski & George C. Haldeman

RATING: Contains mild language, mild adult humor and adult situations. Viewer discretion is advised.

STORY: In 2012, best friends and roommates, TG (played by Taylor A Gradowski) and D-Dub (played by Daniel Waajid) devised the greatest get-out-of-college-debt plan of all...throw the world's largest funding party! Of course, their plans continue to get derailed by an obnoxious, burnt out, old hippie neighbor (played by the talented George C. Haldeman), shady characters, crazy flavors-of-the-week, and ghosts. While dodging unusual characters and typical roommate antics, TG and D-dub begin to find out what life is really about. Originally released online in 2012-2014. Remastered and re released on June 23rd, 2017. (Watch Entire Season)