Creative Video Production Solutions
We offer Creative Video Production Services to help Small Businesses, Groups and Organizations.
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Video Production

High definition video production for small businesses, groups and organizations. Amazing creative video production at great rates!

Editing & Publishing

Video & digital film editing, green screen keying, basic special effects, titling, subtitles, optimization and publishing for Web, TV, DVD, Blu-Ray and other video distribution platforms.

Project Consultation

Consultation for a variety of video and digital film project solutions. No matter the size of your budget, we're willing to help you be successful in reaching out to your audience!

Book trailer promo pic - ©Good Harbor Blue LLC

Commercials & Promos

Benefit from a creative video to reach audiences through the web,TV and social media. Optimized video for search engines (SEO) and various distribution platforms. Published in the highest quality for a variety of media devices.

Product / Service Presentation

Get your audience excited by showcasing your product or service through a video on your website, social media or in-store presentation. Show off the newest products, introduce the latest services or educate your customers on your product or service. (DVD & Blu-Ray tutorial disc options and authoring available!)

Midland Pool and Recreation presentation digital still by Good Harbor Blue LLC royalty-free image

Independent Motion Pictures

We have teamed up with some of the most fun, creative and talented individuals yet to be discovered in mainstream entertainment. Our goal is to bring unique and inspirational stories to life through digital cinema for a variety of audiences. Stay tuned to see what's coming soon.