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Here are some of the film projects our team has been a part of over the past few years. We're excited to see what the future brings. Be sure to visit us again to see more!

Red's Shadow - Feature Film (2022)

Genre: Feature-Length Family Film
Sub Genre: Heart-warming, Mystery/Drama
Rating: General Audiences
Content/Rating: Contains some historic alcohol references, light suspense scenes
Produced by: Good Harbor Blue LLC
Published by: Pier Review Media LLC

Written & Directed By: Taylor A. Gradowski
Music By: Matthew Rasmussen

Producers: Taylor A. Gradowski, Joaquin Guerrero, Thomas J. Cox, Victoria E. Cox

Starring: Justine Brooks, Rebecca Moore and Jacob Lounsbury

For more cast, crew and movie information, click here.

Early Arrival - Short Film (2020)

The invasion has begun! With a world overrun by various calamity, alien arrival appear to be everyone's next big opposition. And they're here for a reason.

John discovers the alien invasion is close to home as his estranged wife Joanna shows up with tell him that her dad is missing. They soon go on a mission to find answers, others and hopefully, Joanna's dad. With the help of his trusted, highly-trained side kick, Little Chief, and best friend, Henry, John and Joanna prepare to take on the invasion.

Genre: Scifi
Run time: Approx. 22 minutes
Content: Mild language, Minor blood, Intense action scenes

Written + Directed By: Taylor A. Gradowski
Music By: Mathew Rasmussen
Starring: Joaquin Guerrero, Trisha Schultz, Thomas J. Cox, Little Chief, Supporting Actors: Taylor A. Gradowski, Hannah Gradowski, David Waldman
Cameo Guest Starrs: George C. Haldeman, Alex Alexandrou
Production Assistants: Thomas J. Cox, Victoria Cox, Jeanine Gradowski

***Carefully produced following COVID-19 guidelines and procedures in place by the Michigan Health Department and State of Michigan. ***

The Last Super Hero - Short Film (2019)

A German Shepherd named Hero has been around a long time, helping those who have helped others through history. As Mr. Craine's health is failing, Hero prepares to transition to his next journey.

Executive Producer: Allen J. Gradowski
Directed by: Taylor A. Gradowski
Written by: Hannah Gradowski

Starring: Little Chief, Thomas J. Cox, Mariana Inaba,
Joaquin Guerrero and David Waldman

Originally produced in 48 hours for the HHM Film Slam 2019.
Remastered Director's Cut in March 2020.


Good Harbor Blue LLC

Twisted Vines - Short Film (2019)

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Executive Producer: Dan Belleville
Directed by: Taylor A. Gradowski
Director of Photography: Zachary Hamilla
Written by: Bob Colman, A.J. Hoffman
Music by: Dan Belleville
Production Assistants: Tom & Victoria Cox
Photography by: Star Photography Live

Starring: Lacey, McMahon, Elizabeth Pechota, John Joyce, Cris Boyer and Gina Kearly

A Go Great Lakes Production
In Association with Good Harbor Blue LLC

Originally produced for the Four Points Film Project.

All Rights Reserved.
©2019 Go Great Lakes Production
©2019 Good Harbor Blue LLC

Draw! - Short Film (2018)

A lone wanderer treks toward another town. On his journey he attempts to pick a fight with a struggling artist named Max who presents an unusual way to fight back.

Originally produced as a 48-Hour Short Film in September for the first Hell's Half Mile Film Slam.

Awarded Best Original Music Composition

Written by: Allen & Hannah Gradowski
Starring: Thomas J. Cox and Alex Alexandrou
Directed by: Taylor A. Gradowski
Executive Producer: Allen J. Gradowski

Genre: Western

Want to see more? -> Watch Behind-the-Scenes of this short film.

©2018 Good Harbor Blue LLC
All Rights Reserved.

Living the Dream - Short Film (2018)

Frank Zingara's life is turned upside down when he hits the lottery jackpot. Unfortunately, while facing his last days, he tries to decide how to handle his winnings and teenage granddaughter.

Originally produced as a 48-Hour Short Film in July of 2018 for the Detroit 48-Hour Film Challenge.

Awarded Best Family Film!

Written by: Diane Carey
Starring: Chuck Simmons, Daniel Lee and Hannah Gradowski
Directed by: Taylor A. Gradowski
Executive Producer: Tammie Stimpfel

Rating: Family-Film

©2018 Good Harbor Blue LLC
All Rights Reserved.

Lost Connections - Short Film (2017)

Two out-of-town college girls make a simple trip to a cellphone repair shop to fix one of their phones. One forgot her phone and the phone to be fixed was accidentally erased at the shop. The girls then begin their journey back from an unknown location while meeting interesting characters along the way.

Directed by: Taylor A. Gradowski
Assistant Directors: Jill Borowski, Tammy Stimpfel
Produced by: Dan Belleville, Tammy Stimpfel
Written By: Josh Sobek, Devin Foether
Music By: Dan Belleville
Edited by: Mike Madigan, Taylor A. Gradowski

Starring: Abigail Polzin, Amanda Polzin, Bob Moyer, Alex Alexandrou, Rachel Moon, Nick Alfano Jr., Megan Sonaras, Shannon Sonaras, Alyssa Rentsch, Josh Blake, Devin Foether, Krzysztof Romeo Abbs, Ray LaFevre, Elyana Remy, Annelyse Remy and Katrina Doud

Project originally produced for the Four Point Film Project 2017.

Want to see more? -> Watch the Behind-the-Scenes of this short film.

©Go Great Lakes Productions
©Good Harbor Blue LLC

"909: For a Good Time" Sitcom Web Series (2012)

Former college graduates, best friends, and roommates, TG and D-Dub, are working toward their own "American Dream" by planning to hold a funding party. With the help of their crazy neighbor, Randy Beerman, they realize they just might have the perfect plan.

Written & Produced By: Taylor A. Gradowski, Daniel Waajid
Starring: Daniel Waajid, Taylor Gradowski
Introducing: George C. Haldeman as "Randy Beerman"

Genre: Sitcom Web Series
Length: 8-Episodes varying times

A Gradowski/Waajid Production
Published by: Good Harbor Blue LLC
©Good Harbor Blue LLC. All Rights Reserved.