About Us

In 2008, the name Good Harbor Blue was founded by video production freelancer, Taylor A. Gradowski. After producing many small videos, including weddings and a web series sitcom (2012).

In 2013,  Good Harbor Blue LLC was established as business which expanded into new horizons. The business focused on small businesses video production while maintaining connections in independent film making.

In 2020, Good Harbor Blue temporarily closed the doors prior to the COVID-19 pandemic to begin work on the next adventure.

In 2022, We began production on our first feature film titled "Red's Shadow". Red's Shadow premiered at the Temple Theater in Saginaw, Michigan on November 11th ,2022. The movie further released in 2023 to Amazon Prime and independently on DVD.

In 2023, Project GreenTree began development with a tentatively production schedule in 2024.

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