Meet Taylor A. Gradowski

Born and raised in Bay City, Michigan, Taylor was ambitious to make his creative mark in the world.

In 2005, Taylor attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a major in Game Art & Design. It wasn't long into the program, he sparked yet another old fascination with video and film while taking a video editing class. Story-telling and presentation became a strong point while pursuing his degree. While wrapping up projects for graduation in 2009, a new vision was beginning to take mold.

With his earliest experience shooting video on VHS as a kid with his dad's camera, Taylor began anew, producing his first full length movie using a Hi-8 camera and good friends in 2006. Taylor soon discovered his knack for film making as he filmed his first wedding production in high definition in 2008.

Since 2008, Taylor sought many opportunities to extend his talents in visual media production. He taught as an intern instructor at Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center for game design and development. Performed as an extra in commercials and performed as a stand-in actor in the major film "The Next Three Days" by director, Paul Haggis. He began to freelance in various small video production roles from wedding productions to book trailers.

In 2012, Taylor embarked on an amazing journey with a great makeshift crew, as he and his colleagues wrote and produced the eight episode sitcom web series titled "909: For A Good Time."

Shortly after in April 2013, Good Harbor Blue became an official production business beginning with wedding video productions to business promotions including commercials for local television.

In 2020, Good Harbor Blue, temporarily closed due to the pandemic, and closed the business to business services. The company began to rebuild as a motion picture production company to to re-open in the Summer of 2021.

In November of 2022, the company premiered the first full-length motion picture, Red's Shadow at the Temple Theater in Saginaw. By late 2023, Red's Shadow released on Amazon Prime with limited DVD release along with the movie music soundtrack.